About us

In April 2005 an operation was established on the basis of  Agro-Soyuz CJSC model farm to address one of the major problems — disposal of organic wastes (animal manure). A team of specialists was trained in Europe to accomplish a manure processing project on the basis of the enterprise. The first experiments on composting were set and the first batch of compost was produced in 2006.

In 2006 the employees of the operation together with the National scientific center «Sokolovskiy Institute for Soil Science and Agrichemistry Research» conducted a series of studies of compost produced, which showed positive results. Based on those studies specifications for the product were developed.

In August of the same year a «Composting organic waste» conference was held on the basis of the model farm with participation of specialists from the USA and Canada, where attendees could get some training on improvement of the quality of organic fertilizer.

In January 2007 the specialists of the operation went to the USA to study alternative technologies for production of organic fertilizers from animal wastes.

In April 2007 the operation for organic fertilizer production was transformed into a separate business-unit — Bioterra Ltd.

In August 2007 the Company received ISO certificate, series 9000-2000.

Bioterra Company specializes in processing organic wastes and produces high quality organic fertilizer — humified compost.

The strategy of the enterprise is aimed at production of organic fertilizer of high quality at all times according to the requirements set by regulations, consumers and markets to satisfy social and economic needs of owners and employees of the enterprise.

The main goal of the company in terms of quality is continuous improvement of its product through development, implementation and efficient functioning of quality management system on the basis of international ISO 9000-2000 standards.

Our mission:

«The best enterprise of Ukraine in organic fertilizer production committed to manufacturing in line with European standards».

All the processes of the enterprise are in manageable conditions and are being continuously improved and adjusted to comply with the goals based on the current policy of the Company. Production processes are supplied with resources to produce high quality organic fertilizer. The qualification of the employees is evaluated and maintained on the level, required for effective implementation of quality management system to produce competitive and customer-satisfying product.

The organization structure of the enterprise guarantees coherence of the processes, authorities and responsibilities of the employees.

Customer is the goal and sense of Bioterra’s operation. The management of the Company holds responsibility for the quality of the product and strictly follows obligations agreed to with customer.

Realization of quality policy is responsibility and matter of honor of every employee of the enterprise.